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Soundtrack to Sixteen at the London Independent Film Festival!

"Soundtrack to Sixteen chugs with a fiery, almost rock heavy energy... it is urbane, slick and quintessentially British." 


- Dirty Movies

"A witty, sincere and affecting exploration of the low-key traumas of teenage life, that may rush you right back to your own fumbling, bumbling adolescence." 


-  Caution Spoilers 

Latest Press & Reviews

"A visceral feeling of being thrown back into my teenage years" 


-  Growing Pains 

"Some fine writing, superb central performances and a thumping soundtrack.. bound to elicit a strong emotional response from anyone who grew up in the UK in the last 20-years." 


-   UK Film Review 

"Soundtrack to Sixteen is a sweet coming-of-age story that will resonate with any of us that had an awkward period in our teens... a little gem you should check out."


- Entertainment Focus

"A delightful examination of teenage insecurities with great performances and strong writing." 

- Film Inquiry

"Ernest and Sincere." 


- Britflicks